Alright so I know earlier I said that Lily had her end coming to her. I think I may retract that statement now. For some inexplicable reason during the last few pages of The House of Mirth I found pity for Lily. In fact by the end of the novel I was upset with Selden for not loving her and saving her from her unfortunate end. I don’t really know how to respond to the debate of whether Lily committed suicide or if it was only an accident. However, I think I am beginning to side with the latter. I don’t really know what changed my mind. I had originally thought that Lily would commit suicide, but after some thinking and finishing the book I don’t know anymore. Perhaps I am just a romantic at heart and just really wanted it to be an accident because then it would have made Lily seem more like a fighter; and also because it would be less selfish. For some reason suicide just seems extremely selfish to me. Now here I’m stumped because I always though of Lily as a selfish character- trying to find a husband so she could live in luxury. And yet  she can’t bring herself to betraying Selden or borrowing money from Rosedale- even if it means her success. So in some ways I don’t find Lily selfish anymore. With that said though I don’t if Lily is so unselfish so as not to commit suicide. But the romantic in me wants it to be an accident to make it more of a Shakespearean tragedy- a tragedy that is truly unfair for the lovers. But in all honesty I don’t know if Lily and Selden even deserved the love they might have shared. But that’s just me.